Not only was the IA remapped, but the site had to be responsive to multiple devices since 50% of traffic was coming from mobile or tablets. Above is the schedule flight page that improved usability and overall interaction with the site.

I reviewed the available Google Analytics thoroughly to understand the top visited/viewed pages on current site. This provided a deep understanding of which pages to focus on and which were unnecessary. By doing so, I shifted and moved pages to a more user-friendly flow and streamlined content.

Here is a screenshot of the new homepage. It includes a handful of feeds such as weather, a flight widget, webcams, and flight status information. This created efficiencies for the client by having automated and updated content on the page. – Eagle County Regional Airport Website

The Fly Vail marketing program educates and promotes the community on the seasonal air service to the Eagle County Regional Airport. To have this website be an optimal economic engine for the resorts and business development in the Vail Valley, the website needed an overhaul. Starting from the basics, I provided an IA that eliminated unnecessary content and quickly gets our user to the most important content that fits their needs. This was created by focusing on the user's perspective – our audience outlined during an envisioning session and in the creative brief.

  • Role: IA Mapping, UX, Concepting, Art Direction, Design, Production
  • Categories: UX, Web Design
  • Client: Eagle County Regional Airport
  • URL:
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