Before: This is what the IA had previous been before the redesign. Lack of organization and extraneous/outdated pages.
After: After reviewing Google Analytics, client requirements, and ensuring optimal user flow, I cleaned up the IA by reorganizing and consolidating the pages.

After the IA has been reviewed and approved by the client, I move into the wireframing stage of the site. These were created in UXPin. The wireframing stage goes thru a few approvals, the first being the homepage and interior page — keeping in mind that the site needs to work in mobile, tablet and desktop environments.

Here is a screenshot of the navigation on mobile. I created the designs in Photoshop and worked with the developer to bring it to life. I also determined the interactions of the buttons and how the user would navigate the menu choices. The left phone image shows the menu closed and the right shows the Portfolio menu expanded.

For the Portfolio overview, the client wanted to showcase many projects and present it in a non-traditional way. I presented a hybrid masonite grid/blog feed that was easy to sort and view the projects the client has produced. By having this type of sorting feature up top, this gives the user many ways to interact with the page.

Reynolds Polymer Technology Inc. Website

Reynolds Polymer Technology wanted to show that they are the world’s leader in highly engineered acrylic and polymer material products. In order to share their story, they needed a new website. The website went through entire overhaul: refreshed branding and copy, reorganized navigation, and a new design. Included in this project were responsive layouts and functionality across mobile, tablet, and desktop environments.

  • Role: IA Mapping, UX, Branding, Concepting, Art Direction, Design, Production
  • Categories: UX, Branding, Web Design
  • Client: Reynolds Polymer Technology Inc.
  • URL:
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