Here is a floor plan rendering that shows the entire layout of the booth space from above.

Conversation area on the raised platform

Meeting area on the raised platform

From the the outside, I picked out a plexiglass that gives a sense of the space but also lets light in throughout. The panels are used in the back walls of the conference and around the raised platform.

Here is the greeting area attendees saw when they arrived at the booth. I wanted to create an open floorplan for attendees and our team to interact in.

An interactive touchscreen with games and videos were on screen to enhance the experience.


Freebie bags

The conversation area provided a casual area for clients to meet the team or a waiting area for the on-site conference room.

Attendees interacting with the touchscreen and a team member.

This is inside the conference area that included a TV monitor, table and chairs. This provided privacy and the ability for our team to meet with clients on the show floor.

Raised-floor area

Huron Legal Exhibit Booth

The exhibit is a 650sqft booth. The booth consisted of 3 videos, 1 interactive game on a touchscreen, a conference room, 3 meeting areas, and 1 raised platform. This concept solved 2 obstacles: a) highlight 3 service areas, and b) include a conference area on site.

Within the space, I wanted to create inviting, impressive and separate areas where our employees could engage with their clients and attendees. This floor layout directed the floor traffic to all areas and also created intimacy within the space. I also stylized our employees to wear matching ties for men and scarves for women with our logo color to reinforce the brand.

  • Role: Concepting, Art Direction, Design, Production, Project Management
  • Categories: Exhibit Booth, Branding
  • Client: Huron Consulting Group Inc.