Client kick-off workshop

From the start, there is an interactive workshop session with the client. Different activities are involved to find out from the group what their pain points are, and where they see their biggest challenges.

Client content strategy workshop

In another workshop session, we built pages together using paper modules. This gives different stakeholders across different departments to add their input and prioritize information on the pages.

Website IA and sitemap

To create the IA, I analyzed the business requirements, content, and Google Analytics. Reviewing all the data and current information helped to determine what content to keep or reprioritize.

Wireframes and testing prototypes

Before creating the wireframe stage, user interviews and testing were conducted with competitor websites to bring any features to light. Afterwards, I created a wireframe for a revised booking flow based on the feedback we received, our development limitations, business requirements, and UX best practices.

Discussion guides and testing protocol

Along with UX design, I managed and administered research activities. Shown are examples of discussion guides written for interviews and a guide for usability testing.

Usability testing

As you can see from this screenshot, most testing was conducted with users remotely, using Zoom. Prototypes were loaded onto Invision so participants could interact as if the site were live. The Zoom session captured and recorded the screen and how users interacted with the prototype.

Test results and findings

After testing, I synthesized the data and findings to put a report together for the client. For each screen or test, feedback was reviewed, changes were recommended, and user quotes were inserted.

Overall scoring and next steps

At the end of each report, participants were asked to choose three words to describe the experience. The Likert scale was used to rate the ease, aesthetics, features, and text on the website. Using visuals for the wrap-up helped the client and the team determine at first glance where we could make improvements to the site being developed.

CIE Tours Website

CIE Tours needed an update to their site, and reposition their products and services that they are the premier, inclusive, tour operator in Europe. As tour bookings have dramatically changed within the last few years, it was critical that they redesign the booking experience to accommodate online reservations. As they are known for service and hospitality, the challenge was to make the customer service relate to the desktop and mobile website.

  • Role: Research, IA Mapping, UX, Concepting, Visual Design, Production
  • Categories: UX, Research, Design
  • Client: CIE Tours
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