Client kick-off workshop

The process begins with all stakeholders in a workshop. Seeing that participants from dev, product owners, marketing, content, application design were involved, there was great collaboration in the room and brought a handful of ideas to the table.

Paper/Lo-fi prototyping

From our findings in the initial phase, there were three groups formed to collaborate on their individual idea. In this exercise, I helped in directing their ideas and having the participants think big and think through their program idea.

Discussion guide and test protocol

From the three groups, there were three separate concepts to test. As one group, we had come up with some questions that I formulated in to a Discussion guide.

Mobile test prototypes

For testing, I created the prototypes based on the paper sketches and discussions had. Though we were testing concepts, I made sure that they were all clickable and had a sensible flow from screen to screen.

Testing was conducted with 9 participants, all 1-hour each. I facilited and conducted the remote user test using Zoom to record the participants actions within the prototype.

At the end, a report was created where I saw patterns in feedback and what issues need to be addressed. I synthesized where participants had comments around the design and where they may have trouble understanding the content.

Spire Insurance

As a new product was going to be rolled out, the client wanted to test a concept to engage their customers and discover what will influence their users to use their app. As the design and styles of the app had been determined, the client needed direction on how to launch this loyalty program.

  • Role: Research, UX, Concepting, Mobile App Design, Production
  • Categories: UX, Mobile App
  • Client:Nationwide