This is a screen shot of the entire page as a whole. At the top is a quick form for the user to fill out minimal and important fields and sign up quickly. A prominent CTA is featured to show exactly what the user is to do next. Below we have the product within a laptop and mobile environment. Clear value statements are stated above for clarity. Handwritten elements on the sides point out the ease of the product. A testimonial and customer logos add to credibility.

Here are screengrabs in laptop and mobile environments — CTAs and value statements are loaded first when arriving at the page. Clear visual clues let the users know that there is more scrollable content below.

Above is the wireframe sketch of the layout, option 1. As a group, we decided to go with option 1 because it visually shows the product on a larger scale and in its mobile execution.

Above is the wireframe sketch of the layout, option 2.

ACTIVE Works Landing Page

This landing page was created to convert B2C leads and improve the user experience. I designed the page to improve readability, ensure clear call-to-action, and include supportive information. Tracking and analytics code are included within the page to collect conversion statistics and record user activity.

  • Role: Concepting, Art Direction, Design, Production
  • Categories: Branding, Illustration, Web Design
  • Client: ACTIVE Network, LLC